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Regulatory Compliance

Bloom Resource Group (BRG) recognizes the need for businesses and health care organizations to protect their data, meet compliance regulations, safeguard personnel, and be prepared for an unexpected event which could shut down operations forever!

BRG specializes in providing you with qualified resources in the areas of business continuity, data storage, information management, compliance and workplace security. We partner with exceptional local resources that are in the business of keeping YOU in business.  Whether local or global, BRG connects you with the power partners you need to know.

BRG strategically identifies the business continuity and information management needs of each client; customizing options to mitigate potential disruptions in operations. We design solutions to achieve regulatory compliance (where applicable), a growing necessity in fields including, but not limited to legal, financial, insurance and health care.

BRG conducts workshops and seminars for the training and educational needs of its clients and the business community. BRG offers customized coaching to empower management to reduce operational costs and increase ROI.

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